AVS® 370 Viscosity measuring system, set with waste system

AVS® 370 Viscosity measuring system, set with waste system

The AVS® 370 polymer set, besides of the control system (part no. 1056509), includes all accessories for a complete measuring system, incl. waste system: After measurement, the sample is pumped from the viscometer into a waste bottle – the viscometer is rinsed without the need of removing the viscometer when changing the sample.

The filling and the waste system make the handling of the samples simpler and safer. Therefore the polymer set is recommended for all applications with hazardous samples, e.g. in polymer analytic.

Available for 1, 2 or more measuring positions.


Scope of delivery:

  • AVS®370 Basic unit for optical detection
  • VZ 8561 ViscoPump II for optical detection
  • CT 72/2 Transparent thermostat bath
  • CK 310 Flow through cooler
  • AVS®/SK Measuring stand, made of PVDF
  • VZ 8571 Instrument support for AVS®370
  • VZ 8523 PTFE-hose-set for “suction” mode
  • VZ 8601 Valve block for discharge system
  • VZ 8610 PTFE tube to connect vacuum pump
  • VZ 8630 Vaccum pump for waste system
  • VZ 8604 Sample filling set
  • VZ 8606 Waste basic set
  • VZ 8551 Safety device for waste bottle (fill check)
  • VZ 8552 Safety device for safety bottle (capacitive sensor)
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