ChromPix2 and Twinpix

ChromPix2 and Twinpix

ChromPix®2 (4 channels) and his little brother TwinPix® (2 channels) are modular multi-gas analyzers for industrial and laboratory use. Plug our modules inside and get started!


Features :

They feature unmatched flexibility with up to 4 differentanalytical columns, up to 4 different carrier gases and theability to analyse simultaneously 4 different samples. Theyare the first truly plug-n-play GCs and will soon include aninjector for liquids analysis.


Dimensions Dimensions : 450x460x220mm (19’ 4U); Weight : 10kg; Input : 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz
Tuner Power : 150W depending on configuration; Carrier gas consumption : up to 20mL/min per module; Sample gas consumption : up to 5mL/min per module
Gas Up to 4 carrier gases (He, H2, N2, Ar...); Carrier gas pressure : 4 bar; Sample gas pressure : 0.3 bar
Settings Up to 4 analytical modules; Operating temperature range : -10 to 40°C; Noise emission : 45 db
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