Multimeter (pH, DO, Conductivity, ISE) WTW

Multimeter (pH, DO, Conductivity, ISE) WTW

inoLab® benchtop devices offer the correct solution for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurements in the lab

  • Uncompromised measuring accuracy
  • Wireless ready
  • Digital sensor recognition
  • Smart sensor evaluation

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The new inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS is highly suitable for digital measurements of pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen (optical), BOD, conductivity and turbidity in the lab. Use the new wireless modules together with the new IDS plug head sensors, be independent from cables and measure i.e. conveniently under laboratory hoods or laminar flow benches. The IDS technology allows optimized measurements and efficient documentation in the simplest manner. A USB interface or an optionally installed printer allow the documentation via the computer or directly on the meter.

Measuring accuracy

  • The digital signal transfer eliminates interference, securely assigns calibration data, simply transfers sensor data
  • The smart sensor evaluation (QSC) informs about the actual status of the electrode and thus increases the operational safety
  • The CMC function visualizes the optimized measuring range and support correct measurements
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