Test Kits Comparator 2000+

Test Kits Comparator 2000+

Supplied with Lovibond® Comparator 2000+, cells, crushing rod and instruction booklet and space to add a combination of 8-10 tests from the Lovibond® Comparator 2000+ and drop test ranges.

An SD 50 pH meter and either an SD 70conductivity or SD 80 TDS unit can be added to complete the kit – simply choose reagent packs and discs from the appropriate tables.


  • More than 400 different test discs available
  • Compensation for coloured and turbid samples
  • Guaranteed constancy of the coloured glass standards
  • Integrated prism


Usable in different applications
The Comparator 2000+ is versatile: it is used in swimming pools as well as in research centers, universities or general drinking water treatment.

Daylight lamp
So that you can always measure safely and stably under unfavorable visibility conditions, we recommend the use of the (optional) mains or battery-powered daylight lamp. So the lighting conditions always remain the same. No matter where you are measuring.

Various analyses possible
For the Comparator 2000+, more than 400 color discs and numerous reagents are available. Your combination is guaranteed. And if you have to change them once, it works without opening the comparator.

Integrated prism
The integrated prism visually brings the glass standards of the color disc and the colored sample into view.

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