Viscosity measuring system AVS® 470 (opt), Modul 2 (230 V)

Viscosity measuring system AVS® 470 (opt), Modul 2 (230 V)

incl. measuring stand AVS®/SK, thermostat bath CT 72/2 (230 V) and cooler CK 310 (230 V)

The AVS® 470 is a viscosity measuring device for capillary viscometers which does not require an additional PC. The article contains the basic system, equipped with one ViscoPump III for one measuring position, a measuring stand AVS®/SK, a thermostat bath CT 72/2 and a cooler CK 310. But no viscometer.


The AVS®470 (opt) is equipped with a ViscoPump III, VZ 8561 for detection of liquid meniscus by IR light barriers. In case of opaque (non-transparent) samples, there is the alternative AVS® 370 (TC), part no. 285415708. In this device, the liquid detection is carried out by thermo-electric (TC) sensors.

According to the application, the AVS ®370 can pump the sample liquid by “suction” or “pressure” mode into the measuring bulb of the viscometer. A suitable pneumatic tube set for connecting the viscometer is chosen accordingly.

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