Simplify Your Work – Time and Money! with Spectrophotometer Lovibond

The VIS and UV/VIS spectrophotometer series XD 7000 and XD 7500 are reference beam-instruments representing the newest advancements in the industry.

Besides automated detection of all vial tests, each of the more than 150 pre-programmed Lovibond® methods can be identified via barcodes and triggered directly. In addition, the instruments detect the vial type, which helps to ensure the correct measurement range at any time.
Standard procedures for the analytical Quality Assurance support the regular review of the photometer, the overall system (incl. chemical methods) and the Matrix effects. The instruments support password security and allow up to three different access levels – all to assist a demanding laboratory environment.
Additional functions of these spectrophotometers are: measurement of transmission and absorption, spectra-scan, kinetic analysis, and the preparation of user-defined methods using various wavelengths. All instruments are equipped with a brilliant colour display and enable both data management and updates via different interfaces (USB and Ethernet).


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